Wednesday, September 16, 2009

two questions...

1. is it too late in the year to buy sandals... in California?
2. what do we think of these?

from pixie market


  1. aaaa they are amazing and goodness its never to late to buy sandals

  2. so cute! I have no idea about California though. :) but I want them for our summer down under!

  3. no no no, never too late! you could even wear them with stockings and violate the silly rules about footwear!

  4. BUY THEM! ! ! They are so cute! I actually just bought a pair very very similar to these this afternoon at DSW. They were on sale, so I couldn't resist. It's always sandal season in California. And anyway, there are no real rules. Wear what you want when you want! ! !

  5. You can never buy something too late. You can always wear them next year.
    As for this pair. I'm not a fan.