Friday, March 26, 2010

oh baby

I've been going a little video crazy this week, but this video definitely needs to be here. I love Devendra like nobody's business. My heart still sheds a tear for him every now and then ever since he canceled his show in my tiny city last year. I still glance longingly at the tickets that are still tacked up on my wall, as though their presence proves how much I truly wanted to see that show. Anyway, watch this video, it's fun and what I assume an acid trip would be like :)
Ps. What's up with random Wu-Tang members appearing in videos lately? LOVE it!


  1. ohmygosh. i thought i would never know someone who also likes devendra! not that i know you, but close enough!

  2. I noticed too! Love that The RZA is able to cross-train w/Vampire Weekend. Would it be hard to believe that I used to know almost all the words to Liquid Swords? Yikes. Love the Wu, but they aren't exactly family friendly. Been meaning to add you to my blog roll. Will do some point today:)