Monday, September 20, 2010

take only what you need from it

Today I've been searching images of kids/classrooms/school for a work project and I can't help but notice how many people take amazing pictures of their kids.  It got me thinking about if/when I have children and what I hope they'll be in to.  Here's a partial wish list for my future maybe babies:

1.  A deep appreciation for music, dancing and above all else: David Bowie.
2.  Their own sense of style and uniqueness.  I hope they never feel pressured to be like anyone else.
3.  A mean creative streak that will hopefully include an interest in photography and comic books. I hope their first mechanical skills include pointing and shooting, and tracing Spiderman comics for practice.


  1. I totally agree with the music thing. Nothing makes me happier than to hear my tot singing along to Vampire Weekend and the Beatles. No kiddie music in mah house!

  2. Just saw the best documentary on Bowie the other day. Love him!
    Awesome photo.

    Have a great weekend!