Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

I started this blog about 4 years ago with the name The House of Milk, because I truly loved that title.  I've had several inquiries about this being a breastfeeding blog or if I'm associated with the dairy industry.  Seriously.  But recently it's been brought to my attention that my sweet little blog title has been ripped off.  It was a mistake to not try and trademark the name, and now there are a few different imitators out there.  I'm not about to call anyone out here, but I'm not sure what I should do now. Move on and rebrand?  Fight for the House of Milk?  I'd love to hear some feedback from fellow bloggers.  What would you do?


  1. I would tell those lame asses that they stole your blog name. Email me their links and I'll tell them no problem.

  2. oh, dear. no advice, but so sorry. that's stressful and annoying.

  3. i hate the word 'fight'. but i think you must keep what 'tis yours dear.
    need any help?
    faithful readers?

  4. GRRR. With a quick google I just found your biggest competition: HOUSE OF MILK plus-size fashion for real women.

    First of all, that is the worst name EVER for a brand of plus-size women's clothing. A hip young non-breastfeeding lady does not want to equate her new online purchase with breast milk (read the About section!) Second, it's of course possible that she came up with the name on her own, but argh, it's irritating. You could send her a nice and earnest email saying, Hi, I run a design blog with x-hits a day called House of Milk, and I see we have a name predicament here. Do you have any ideas about how to keep our online traffic from getting criss-crossed?

    On the flip side, it could work to your advantage. Case in point: there's a Korean boy band called Big Bang and I've noticed my readership has shot up in South Korea...I've even gotten comments that say "hey, was actually looking for tickets to a big bang concert and ended up here, but i love this shirt." so go figure. Sooooo random, but you've got to have a sense of humor about it...I mean, it IS pretty rich that it's Fashion for Ladies with Curves. At least you're not competing with 15-year-old Korean teeny-boppers;)

  5. that's awful! I unfortunately have no advice either. BigBANG studio's comment above seems like a good way of starting...

    ps: I just googled 'house of milk' ... your site came up first, then a plus size clothing line with the same name.... definitely not as cool as your site : )

  6. hummm....that is a tough one. Maybe reach out to:

    Independent Fashion Bloggers and see if they have any advice? Maybe others have been in this predicament before?

    I wish you luck and I look forward to all of YOUR posts!

  7. You guys are all amazing! Thanks to everyone for your kind words, they definitely cheered me up.

    Lily, thank you for your sweet wisdom. I laughed out loud at the Korean boy band... so hilarious. There is another House of Milk business in Florida, but I can't determine exactly what it is they do. So who knows, maybe these businesses will dissipate quickly?

    And Pistachio, that's excellent advice, thank you for the idea.

  8. Funny you say that because the same thing has happened to me... An event company in the UK has taken my name or I suppose it's possible they thought of the same name and used it for their company, argh! It's frustrating and I try to take it as a compliment but what do I do? Here's been a few of my thoughts...
    a) Change the name and use the Plan Me Perfect URL, so my followers will see the change and continue to follow once I make the change official.
    b) Keep the name, knowing in my heart I was here first.
    c) I just don't know.. :) but I don't really want to be associated with an event company that was not creative enough to come up with a name on their own and seeing as I focus on a lot of inspiration boards, etc. I now have no chance to use PMP as a future business name for myself :(

  9. grrr. i don't like thieves one bit.
    i think you should keep your name.

    however, if it was another blog that took your name and was trying to incorporate the same tone/content as you, then i'd suggest you punch them in the grief bone.

  10. fight for house of milk! most definitely.

    also, i laughed so much at whether your blog is affiliated with the breast feeding movement or the dairy industry!

    which milk do i buy?? i'm so confused! i know, i'll find my answer on a fashion blog.

  11. I'd fight for it. I'd be so, so angry if somebody tried to rip my blog name off. Though technically, The Dream Machine can be compared to It's Always Sunny's Electric Dream Machine. No relation whatsoever.