Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Mr. Camouflage was playing a harmonica, but you can't really tell from this photo}

Last weekend was so much fun. We had a friend from New York staying with us, so we took him to every attraction Chico, CA has to offer... there's about four.  Just kidding; Chico is lovely, just very small.  We explored the farmer's market, went hiking/dipped our toes in the freezing cold river, toured the local brewery, ate copious amounts of food from local restaurants and drank really good wine and beer. I also dusted off my camera that had sat relatively dormant throughout winter, and looking at these photos I realize how rusty I am behind the lens now. Good thing spring is here to provide the proper motivation to practice!


  1. before i read your text i was JUST thinking what lovely photos you take!