Monday, May 9, 2011

Napa birthday fun

Last weekend we headed down to the Napa valley to celebrate my birthday.  It was our first real vacation in nearly two years, and it was delightful to get out of town for a hot minute.  Unfortunately, halfway through our trip I came down with an ailment known as Ultimate Throat Death (totally technical science term right there).  We were determined to have a good time regardless, and ate amazing food, drank some of the best wine I've ever had and just spent some quality time as a little family.  I had my first real French macaron, and oh man, I would eat those every day if I had the opportunity. They definitely lived up to the hype.

(Lola loves laying in my super organized suitcase)

(Mark bought me "Mr. Window Head" window stickers at the gas station.)

(Getting ready for some sick Van Halen high kick action...)

(Lesson learned: Super sick Van Halen high kicks are nearly impossible when wearing the tightest jeggings known to man)


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty glad macarons are not readily available at every turn here in Sweden. They would ruin me for sure.

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty glad macarons are not readily available at every turn here in Sweden. They would ruin me for sure.

  3. you are so cute! how unfair that you got Ultimate Throat Death on your birthday, but I'm glad you had your loving little family around you to make it worth it anyway. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, as always....

  4. we have a bouchon bakery 30 blocks from us and i do my best to stay away. wtf is ultimate throat death? yikes. sorry about that one.

  5. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Hope you're feeling much better (Sick on your birthday? Damn!).

    "Hi!" to lil' Miss Lola.

    And, please don't post anymore photos of your cute selves on your blog! I'm tryin' to feel good about myself here. ;)

  6. What a perfect birthday! I adore Napa: the world famous wine, the fabulous restaurants, the gorgeous rural can't get much better than that, especially when you're in a celebratory state of mind.

    P.S. You are super adorable. And happy belated birthday to you!

  7. great photos. looks like a good time.

  8. i had ultimate throat death when we were in boston a couple of days ago and still drank and ate the weekend away. you're a champ. we are champs.

    that last picture of you air-guitaring is amazing. were you aware there are national air guitar contests held yearly?

  9. Just love love love this blog. Made mention of it on mine today :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. I almost just had deja vu.

    My husband and I just went on our first little vacation in a long time and we spent the weekend in the bay area. We were there May 6-8.

    We tried macarons for the first time, and I agree, the totally lived up to the hype.

    We also saw Muir Woods and tried DELICIOUS cheeses.

    I think I've had Death Throat before. Kind of feels like there is a hot poker stuck down your throat? And every time you swallow the sides of your throat get sear off? Yep. I feel your pain.

    Hope you had a marvelous time inspite of your tragic ailment.