Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to 2012: Resolution #4

Resolution #4: Be more active.
Living a sedentary life can be rather depressing. I think people
who get out more and live an active life are generally happier people. 
In 2011 I found myself working extremely long hours,
 then coming home and falling asleep on the couch watching
30 Rock. I felt a little down in the dumps throughout the year, but it never
occurred to me that I needed to make a big lifestyle change.
Now is the perfect time to make that change and start seeking out 
ways to stay off the couch. More outings with the mister, more
walking the dog, more bike riding, etc.

So tell me, blog friends, what's your favorite activity 
that doesn't involve the couch or the television?


  1. Gyming it! ♥ Nothing is more thrilling than just going to the gym for half an hour, makes me feel really good for the next few days!
    Issy xox

  2. Look into geocaching! will explain what it is, if you aren't already familiar with it. Depending on where you live, you can take some nice, long walks while caching.

  3. walking the dog. he gets me off my butt.

  4. we do lots and lots of walks. i love eating dinner and then taking a night time stroll after. it's not a lot, but better than bumming around after eating :)

  5. i've felt this way too after long, stressful days at work. it always helps to remember something my friend told me: "you'll never regret going to the gym" happy new year!