Thursday, December 15, 2011

wild locks can't be tamed

{vogue germany, via studded hearts}

About a year ago I asked my stylist/BFF to permanently straighten my curls.
My whole life I longed for straight, tame, flat hair.
I whipped my hair into submission routinely and
wanted to be rid of those pesky kinks for good.
So finally, she agreed. And thus began the 2-3 hour process of
chemically torturing my hair until those curls laid flat.

And when it was done I suddenly realized:
I miss my curls!
It's so fickle, but I knew in an instant
that part of my personality had also been
flattened. Those curls gave me individuality!
No one had curls quite like mine and I had banished them
like a fool. Every time my hair dried straight
I'd think,"yawn! This is so BORING!"

My point here is this: whatever quirks you have, embrace them!
Just think about what your life would be like if you were suddenly
without your individuality. What we deemed as flaws or imperfections 
in the past are now considered beautiful. Love your hair (or lack thereof, gents), your freckles,
your big hips, your skinny legs; whatever you've got going on, it's YOU and it's beautiful.


  1. I love that photograph!
    I'm the same way.
    I used to straighten my hair with an iron EVERY DAY, and now my hair doesn't curl nicely anymore and I miss it.

    Lovely post.

  2. Sorry you miss your curls:( But this is a great reminder to embrace who and what we are. Great way to start the day:) Love that pic too!

  3. Well now I'm dying to see a picture of you pre and post curls!!! :)

  4. What a perfect way of looking at things :)

  5. I think all us curly girls go through that 'get up at stupid am so you can straighten your curls' phase. Couldn't think of anything worse now. Does the permanent straightening ware off?

  6. i also have curly hair even when i blow dry it i always leave the ends curling it's never completely straight. some days it looks crappy and dry and frizzy and i hate it and sometimes on those days someone tells me your hair is beautiful do you know how much time i need to make mine look like that:D i guess straightening for curly hair is like perm to straight hair it can never end well:)