Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year + my last resolution

2012 is here! Thank you to 
everyone who have made Milk a part of their life in 2011.
I'm so ready for a fresh start and to get cracking on my resolutions.
So here's my final goal for 2012 and beyond:

Resolution #5: Take. More. Pictures.
This is actually a goal of mine every day, but I haven't
made photography a priority in quite a while. I don't
think photography is like riding a bike; you can't just
ignore your camera for months on end and then pick it right back up
with the same skill and talent you had before. At least, that's how it 
always is for me. I need practice and perseverance to take quality
photos consistently. 2012 is all about getting out and taking more photos, 
because in my heart, I know it makes me truly happy.

Thanks for reading my resolutions, blog friend!
I'm still curious to hear yours, so feel free to share
in the comments below.


  1. happy 2012! and best of luck with all of your resolutions!!


  2. I think my favorite part about New Years is making resolutions. I love looking back at years past and seeing what was important to me then vs. now. Thanks for sharing yours! And thanks for your awesome blog - I've loved reading it this year!

  3. love that picture. my resolutions are 1) complain less, and 2) take more time every night to put together a complete outfit for the next day... more consciously choosing what to wear will make me feel more put together the next day-- at least, that's my hope. happy new year! :)

  4. The first picture is great!! what do you mean you have to practice????