Thursday, November 8, 2012

dita von teese on being a true individual

{photo from into the gloss}
Dita Von Teese is a total fox.
Nothing is better than a woman who curates her own sense 
of style and owns it 100%. Individuality and confidence
She not only gives great beauty tips, but is an oracle of wisdom
when it comes to being yourself.

"People love to point at you and say, ‘You remind me of this.’ 
I would get a lot of Dracula and Elvira. And when Pulp Fiction 
came out, people were like, ‘You’re the girl in Pulp Fiction!’ 
People have a really hard time just looking at you for you;
 they have to point out what they think you remind them of, 
which I think is a very strange phenomenon." -DVT


  1. i love her. she's so gorgeous and self-assured (which i think is one of the things that makes her gorgeous), and i can't wait to read the interview!

    also, i literally cracked up when i read the example of your husband's sleep talking!

  2. Totally agree! thanks for sharing the interview, i like her so much