Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things one might want to know when and if, moving to Los Angeles

For all those aspiring model/actor/partyanimal/anybody's out there.
Welcome to Los Angeles

Top Ten To Know

In no particular order:

1. Parking is a BIG problem

2. Plan at least a half hour travel time for ALL trips away from home

3. Find yourself a Cabo Cantina, they are all over the place: Happy hour galore

4. Jacks N Joe: God's breakfast gift to Los Angeles, an all day breakfast place with a fun and quirky style

5. Locate the nearest grocery store, it might be harder than you think.  
See: Von's Free First Delivery

6. Also, the nearest drug store. If you are near downtown Los Angeles, there is a Walgreen's and Rite Aid right across from each other on 7th and Hope.


8. The Heel Conundrum: Unless you're cabbin' it, you will have some angry soles after about an hour. Invest in some good wedges.

9. The Beach: Get to it

10. Confidence is key, no need to pussyfoot around. Own the streets.  This can be a scary place if you don't get yourself some pepperspray and a good f*ckyoudon'ttalktome face.

If you are going to bring your car to La La Land, prepare yourself. Begin to work about seventy to a hundred dollars into your monthly budget for parking, and parking tickets.  You'll want to scout of the cheapest all day parking lots ASAP.  In Los Angeles leaving your car in one spot all day can range anywhere from five bucks to almost forty dollars. If you are looking downtown there are a couple lots which you can park all day for five dollars on 8th and Flower.  Even the most observant and careful driver cannot avoid the plethora of No Parking signs adorning the streets of Los Angeles. On most of these signs you'll find a paragraph of fine print, alerting you that you may not park during the hours between When You Want To Park There and Ever.  Beware, if there is a space, there is probably a No Parking At Any Time sign lurking just a few yards away.  If I haven't made my point clear enough: You might not want to take your car with you. 
Luckily, there is a metro that runs all over the city and runs about a buck fifty each way, which is pretty reasonable.  Walking is good for you and if you are lucky enough to be close to a bustling area like downtown, west hollywood, or santa monica, you are guaranteed a good time in most directions.  But it is very good to know where you are going. Smart phones become MUCH more useful in this scenario.  Especially since you can find yourself in the, less welcoming, parts of town.  When you first arrive, you'll want to stock up on some groceries stat, because a trip away from home means losing that golden parking space you spent a half hour rolling around the block to find.  Von's does free delivery for first timer's, and you can choose what you like online and have it delivered right to your home.  
If you should decide to make the trek away from your home base, there are a few places you should definitely give a try.  You want to get out, have a few drinks, but it is hard to find a place you can afford.  Wherever you are from, take the price of your usual favorite poison, and double it.  That is how much it will cost.  Which is why searching out the closest and most inexpensive drink deals is a great idea.  The pre-drink will become a phrase you find yourself using, unfortunately.  Cabo Cantina is a mexican restaurant and bar that has great drink deals more than once in a day.  Their two for one happy hour is a highlight twice a day, in the early evening and again from ten to midnight.  It is also a good opportunity to snag that free drink, when each one comes with another, you can wiggle your way next to the bar to snag a cutie's second tequila shot. Arriba!  
The morning after your Cantina craziness, head over to Jacks N Joe near downtown on 24th and Flower to park in the back.  The front lot is usually full if you get there during the busy hours seeing as it's one of the best meals in town.  Flapjacks like you wouldn't believe and some pretty delicious coffee- At reasonable prices too.  After this you will most likely want to head to Santa Monica's Pier and see one of the best views of the ocean this coast has to offer.  Behind you, palm trees and beautifully ornate buildings.  In front, you know, the OCEAN. Who doesn't love a sunny day and some sparkling waves?  The best part about all of this is that it's FREE! Aside from the gas to drive there, but it's only about twenty minutes from downtown depending on traffic.  Weekdays are the best time to go and avoid the tourists.  Take the ten to Santa Monica, 4th/5th St. Exit, right on 4th street and it takes you right to all the parking to walk right down to the beach.  Usually you can get away with two hours for free in any of the parking structures and it leads your right to the Promenade which is also a ton of fun to look around on your way back.  After you are properly sun stunned and ready for a tropical refreshment, you will probably be just in time for Cabo Cantina's happy hour, there is one in the middle of the promenade. Score!  Make sure you aren't the one driving, of course.  Good luck! You're going to need it.  I'll be at Jack's N Joe to greet you in the morning.  This might become a regular thing.

{Note from Suzanne:  This was written by my lovely cousin Monique, an aspiring actress new to Los Angeles}

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  1. This is hilarious and oh so true, going up to LA land this weekend but thankfully taking the train. (Although I have learned to manuver pretty well in my years of visiting...)