Thursday, September 11, 2008

back in the saddle

i'm thanking my lucky stars that i finally have the internet again! it's been a while, it's been rough and i'm so ready to blog about all the things everyone else has been talking about for weeks.

First item of discussion:

I fully intend to make these this weekend. From Martha. Found on my new fave Poppytalk.

Next on the agenda:

Will Bryant is great. His illustrations are very inspiring... it makes me want to make things happen. (I'm very impressionable.) Also found at Poppytalk.

#3. I've been contemplating going red. These pictures do nothing to change my mind:

Found on Krisatomic.


I lovelovelove this picture and this story. If i could get married all over again, rain boots would more than likely find their way into my big day. From Smitten.

Last but not least:

I have a crush on this girl. How cute is she? Via GARANCE DORÉ.

Ok. I'm spent... for now.

1 comment:

  1. thaaaank you!
    such kind words :)
    you have such a lovely blog!

    *that first image is actual by the amazingChris Piascik