Sunday, November 16, 2008

rock n' roll genes

why do rock stars always have such gorgeous children?

Georgia Jagger, daughter of Mick (just one of seven. seven!)

Elizabeth Jagger, daughter of Mick.

Theodora Richards, daughter of Keith.

Theodora & Alexandra, daughters of Keith.

Dhani Harrison, son of George... seen here with a model backpack/neck warmer.

Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul.

Ben Taylor, son of James. James Taylor isn't necessarily a "rock star," but how cute is his son???


  1. Rock star offspring have that sartorial style that is just wayyyy cool and completely effortless. I just saw this great shot of Alexandra Richards on WWW - she looks AMAZING!

  2. Dhani is a clone. He's beautiful.
    McCartney's daughter Mary is also very pretty, imo.

  3. I love Dhani Harrison to the point of obsession. You should check out his band TheNewNo2 - he sounds JUST like George

  4. Obviously they have beautiful children because they marry beautiful women. Also the rock stars mostly have style and the beautiful women atr stylish so obviously they have on the whole beautiful children. However Stella Mccartney is
    very plain.

  5. the best part is on in the inside , the contrast is what makes it great and beautifull
    all angels of lost souls and memories of lost dreams !