Monday, December 15, 2008

home of the week: Nguyen Qui Duc's Retreat in Vietnam

In December 2001 my parents braved a long flight to Vietnam where they spent a month travelling through the friendlier areas in the south and loved every moment of it. They were both thrilled to find there's little animosity towards Americans. To the contrary, they were amazed by my mother's blond hair and wanted to know everything about America, especially California. Everything they've told me about Vietnam makes me want to visit desperately.

I read this article on about Nguyen Qui Duc, who left the country when he was young and returned in 2006 to open a cafe and gallery in Hanoi. In 2007 he found a parcel in the mountains of Tam Dao, two hours outside of Hanoi and decided to build his dream home. He used mostly stone and glass which he obtained from locals and the result is pretty spectacular. Read the full article here and view the slide show here.

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