Friday, March 27, 2009

sometimes i'm the culinary equivalent to a newborn deer learning to walk for the first time. i can make it happen but i'm unsteady in the kitchen and at times i'm full of self doubt. i was delighted to find this "table of condiments that periodically go bad." clever, very very clever.

(see the bigger version here)

now i have a better idea of how long i can keep certain things. not having to worry about food poisoning is always a plus.

i also found this list of 50 helpful kitchen tips. some are bordering on old wives tales and some seem a little to good to be true, but in the mix you'll find some great tips. you may even find yourself thinking "why didn't i ever think of that?"

smitten kitchen is, of course, an amazing source for recipes and more great tips. my heart does a little skip when i see a new post from her and immediately begin plotting my next meal with her recipes in mind.

and then there's orangette. more great recipes from a very clever writer (she even has a book, wow). this is definitely a great source for tasty recipes and beautifully photographed fare.

does anyone have more cooking oriented links that i shouldn't live without?


  1. Me likey this blog post. ;)

    I'm not so much of a newborn deer in the kitchen; more like grumpy bear or a drunken bull...until it's time to do dishes, in which case I more of a Tree Sloth.

    I'll bring by a book for you to check out on Tuesday.

  2. If you haven't yet seen the 101 cookbooks blog then you should. It's my all-time inspiration.
    I'm loving your blog by the way, I think I've scanned most of this year in the past 3 hours - beautiful.