Monday, May 25, 2009

9 things...

ten fantastic dress up photographs {from design is mine}

Michelle, you've really got it going on.
check out her look book from the new york times.

my future children will also have teepee's {from you are my fave}

oh so lovely {found on modern homebody}

modesty be gone: i realized this weekend that my favorite part of my body is my back. {photography by vera, found on NEON POLISH}

beautiful, absolutely beautiful video
{from paper clouds and knitted grass}

clever lighting {from Oh Leoluca Vintage}

this wedding looks like so much fun and no one can deny the beauty of newport beach. {from grey likes weddings}

stop love! slow down love! go love!
{from Lolita}


  1. That wedding looks like quite the party. I wish I had been a guest.