Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mid-week music

Cibelle & Devendra Banhart... such a lovely duo.
When do i get to dance on rooftops with devendra?


  1. holy smokes, HOW have i not seen this before? DELISH! thanks so much for this bit of mary poppins-meets-the mad hatter whimsy. just discovered your blog and looove it. you are chock-full of fabulous big photo spreads that i haven't seen on every other design blog- well done! i'll be back for more. xo and toodles!

  2. This is brilliant! I've danced with Devendra and it was magical - even thought it wasn't on a rooftop. :) He even let us backstage and we drank his beer and ate his cheese platter. haha!

  3. shell, i'm eternally green with envy :)