Tuesday, October 20, 2009

halloween inspiration

spiderweb tights found on black journal.

the cutest 3-D glasses costume ever, by Nicole Lindler.
originally found on NEON POLISH.

suckers from narwhals vs. unicorns.

lovely headdress found on loafing odysseys.

simple Halloween inspired transfers make for some fun decorating.
from How About Orange.

pumpkins! taken by Melanie at you are my fave.

hidden identity? by tnatsni.

pretty pink ballerina dresses, by Rachel Papo.

Heaven is a dreamy costume party. By Katherine Squire.

sweet and silly masks from the thinking tank.

the most ingenious bat costume by heather.

elizabeth jagger and gwen


  1. i love the spiderweb tights!

  2. The dreamy ballerina shot is by Rachel Papo. Her work is amazing and this series is full of treasures: http://rachelpapo.com/nutcracker1.htm