Monday, February 15, 2010

ramblings of a shoe shopper & a {sort of} give away

a little back story/rant:

my friends and i were shopping and we decided to go to Payless Shoe Source. now, i haven't actually stepped foot in our local Payless in years, because it's usually a little skanky dirty and i feel like the whole corporation saves it's worst selection of heinous shoes for this particular location. but this time the selection wasn't bad and they were having a ridiculously good sale. needless to say, i'm a sucker and i ended up with two pairs of shoes. one pair of sparkly black flats and these babies:

kinda cute, right? now, if you're thinking "wow, her feet look a little crammed" you're totally right. they're too tiny and i was barely able to hobble around to take these pictures (which is why my feet are in the air and not on the ground).

so they don't fit. i'd say they'd be better for someone who wears a size 8, and i've been searching for the perfect home for them among my friends but no luck. so maybe i just need to find my Cinderella milk follower... anyone interested? Nothing too fancy, man-made materials, gold, faux-woven. i only ask that you be in the continental US, sorry to my Aussie/Euro/Asia readers, but my puny budget can only sway so much. leave me a comment and if by some chance more than one person wants them, i'll do a drawing at random.

PS. i'm going to be so embarrassed if no one wants my cheap $5 shoes, but i'm going to do it anyway! if you've made it this far in to my rambling rant, you are truly a good blog follower and we should definitely get coffee some time :)


  1. You're so cute. I actually really adore them and I happen to be a size eight! <3

  2. I'm a size 8! And I just relocated and have a) been too broke to buy shoes, and b) LOVE getting mail that's not bills. So - yeah - pick me!

  3. I wish my feet were small enough, and i'd take them!