Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leather shorts

How do we feel about leather shorts? They seemed to be all over the runways this year, and even peppered the crowds outside the shows. WhoWhatWear even suggested leather shorts to wear to this summer's music festivals this summer... really? That seems like music festival suicide to me, but what do I know? I've never worn a pair. They seem so dangerous to me, yet I still find myself intrigued. These fashion bloggers seem to know what's up:

{Corks & Caftans}

{Tahti Syrjala}

{Fashion Flux}

{sea of shoes}

Of course Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes would be rocking this look a year before everyone else. So what do you think? Yes or no to this trend?


  1. I feel like the sweat in inappropriate places factor might overrule the cuteness factor...

  2. hmm...for photo opps, yes. but to wear the whole day in summer...the sweat will just make it icky and hot

  3. my boss did some as part of this winter's range (
    I love the idea of them with tights in winter, but yeah summer could just get uncomfortable for everyone.

  4. as long as they're not hot pants, you wouldn't even notice. mine have nice cotton lining, and breezy on the b. :)

    thanks for including me!

    -Carey (Corks + Caftans)

  5. I have to agree with Carey here, leather shorts are not hot at all! They are perfect for summer.

    Thanks for including me too!

    -Anna-Maria from Fashion Flux-