Friday, July 23, 2010

oh. my. goodness.

The past two weeks have been nothing short of insanity for me.  My mom had surgery last week, and is thankfully recovering like a true champ, but the worrying and waiting beforehand definitely aged me a few years at least.  I've had a huge project handed to me at work, which has been challenging and extremely time consuming.  My point being that I've had no time for Milk, or catching up on my favorite blogs.  My Reader says 1,000+ right now, but I think what it really wants to say is 1,000++++.  I'm looking forward to catching up after this project at work is over and I hope you'll all bear with me! In the meantime, I leave you with the glammed-out, boxer-esque, mustard-lover shoes of my dreams... 
Jeffry Campbell, you are truly going to be the end of me.


  1. love theseee mustard yellow is my fave!

  2. Good luck with the work project and I am so glad that you mom is feeling good:) See you soon sweetie and those shoes rock:)))

    Muah and Happy Monday