Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my weekend pt. 2

The day after the wedding, the mister and I went exploring and had a lovely picnic near Pebble Beach. Good wine, sandwiches and miscellaneous animal friends made for a really fun afternoon.

{these little guys were super curious about Lola + watched her every move while we snapped a few photos}

{family portrait}
{Lola was very interested in that cork. She has a very discerning palate, naturally.}

UPDATE!!! My talented husband took ALL of these except for the first one, obviously.
As you were, people, as you were.


  1. What a darling family you make. How was the wine? I'm always on the lookout for delicious new wines to try.

  2. These photos are fabulous! I love that one of the wine & Lola!

  3. the photos are beautiful..
    LOVE the family portrait.

  4. Love the post, but how about a little photo cred?!

  5. haha, Moz you are too funny. Credit given!

  6. gorgeous photos! looks like a perfect place and a perfect day!
    and the mister is tres chic - love the hat and sunglasses!