Friday, June 10, 2011

a small dose of white hot style for your friday

{Friend of Mine, S/S 11/12, from Studded Hearts}
This is so 'David Bowie in Labyrinth meets Bianca Jagger on her wedding day' to me.  I'm really loving the combination of slightly cropped pants with ankle boots. And I'm fairly certain she's wearing these bad ass eagle claw boots:
Is it just me or does white look amazingly crisp and fresh during the warmer months?  It seems everywhere I go, my eyes are constantly peeled for inspiration of the pale persuasion.  No matter your skin tone or hair color, white always looks fresh.  

So what about you, blog friend? Are you feeling the white hotness this summer?


  1. ive been tempted to wear a pair of white pants i have for weeks, but am terrified to out of my house in india in white anything--there is no place dirtier in the WORLD.

  2. it's all i wear in the summer! i brought one pair of dark jeans to the hamptons for summer and three pairs of white.

  3. Super fresh, love it. Just about to style an all white editorial, seems to be all the rage.