Friday, August 19, 2011

happy happy weekend!

Unfortunately the last guest blogger had computer issues today and was unable to post.  
It was going to be such a fun post, too! Dang.  Maybe next time.

I'm having so much fun with family, savoring my time with my niece, sweet baby Molly Lou (and her cute little toes), drinking root beer floats spiked with cake flavored vodka (you must try this beverage, it's amazing) and enjoying some much needed time away from work.  Can't vacation just go on forever?

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend, friends. 
I'll be back very soon to bombard you with photos from our trip :)


  1. oh, it sounds like you're having a lovely time!! :)

    p.s. i love root beer floats!

  2. Ok, I was all "cute baby toes! GAH!" and then you said "cake flavored vodka". WHAT? I need to go research this now.
    Happy weekend!