Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One-Shoulder Reconstruct: A Simple DIY

Hello dear readers of Milk! I'm so happy to be here as a guest blogger for the House Mistress while she enjoys the wonders of the far away East Coast. Today I thought I'd share a simple and sweet DIY project  - the one-shoulder shirt.

The first step is to look through your old clothes or at a thrift store for a shirt to use - the nice thing about this project is that it is a great way to give new life to a shirt that is too big to wear but where you still like the fabric. I found this huge navy and white striped shirt recently and I liked it because the material was thick and stretchy.

Step One: lay your shirt out, and cut your new sloping neckline starting at one side of the shoulder and ending beneath the opposite sleeve. Go ahead and cut out the whole sleeve-seam, you won't need it.

Step Two: based on your measurements (you can measure or just estimate), sew up the non-sleeve side so that it has a new seam, making the shirt an appropriate width for your body. I sewed mine with red thread so that it would photograph better, but it's still hard to see. After you sew the new seam, cut off all the excess fabric.

Step Three: try on the shirt and see if it needs any fine-tuning - you may need to trim a bit more at the neck to make it fall properly on your shoulder.

That's it - you have successfully reincarnated an old shirt. I also love how doing this to big shirts makes the new one-shoulder tee a longer tunic length. After making this one, Asher and I did a photoshoot to test out the new style:

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  1. way to make a boring top into something exciting!


  2. This top looks so much more interesting and adorable than the original!