Thursday, September 8, 2011

go girl

{photo from Tomboy Style, originally from the Vinyl Club}

Do you remember X-Girl? 
Check out Tomboy Style to check out an awesome little write-up by 
Haydee of Happenstance about the X-Girl phenomenon in the 90's, 
as well as an awesome video of their first runway show in 1994.

When I was a little grunge kid X-Girl was the coolest thing I couldn't 
seem to get my hands on. I only had one X-Girl item, a black and white plaid A-line 
dress that I wore way too much.  I just unearthed that dress a few weeks ago 
and it's still cute!  It's definitely much shorter than I'm willing to wear now, 
but I could never part with such a relic.

Thanks to Haydee and Tomboy Style for the fun dose of nostalgia!


  1. I don't remember X-girl but I sure remember when that look was in! Actually, in the NW it never really left...

  2. yes i do remember - it was awesome.