Friday, December 9, 2011

hello? is this thing on?

{Oliver Lake, via Society6}

Hi everyone! Are you still with me?
It's been forever and if you're still here, 
you are a true and loyal blog friend.

Life has been bizarre for me lately.
My parents just moved from my childhood home,
and I have not been taking it well.  I'm extremely sentimental
and on their last day there, I walked from room to room, 
bawling like a baby, trying to recall all of the 
amazing memories that made that house a home.
It just felt like the end of an era.  The conclusion of a chapter.
It's hard when life taps you on the shoulder 
and says, "Hey kiddo, it's time to grow up now."

But when all was said and done, I realized
that life is still very sweet and we're all blessed to
have each other, to have family, to have love in our lives.

I hope you're having a magical holiday season,
and thanks for sticking around.
Milk loves you!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry! We're all still here. :)


  2. Still here =) Good luck with the moving and stuff!!

  3. glad to hear from you! i know how hard that is. we moved out of my childhood home as a family when i was in high school. ever since i have to remind myself that home is where your family is, not the house itself. but it IS sad.

  4. Oh bless you, we're still here.
    I've moved 25 times in my life and I long that attachment, for a place in the world that I can call home.
    Keep looking forward and stay positive :)
    Emily x

  5. yup! still here. Your memories are still there too, whether your parents live in the house or not. Still feeling your grief though. hugs!

  6. i love your blog so very much. xo

  7. love milk! :)
    it's time for new memories, you said goodbye to the old home and now it's even more special!
    enjoy the holidays!

  8. I totally get that. I think I would feel the exact same way. But yeah, at some point it becomes time to create new chapters. New memories. Hope you're having a great holiday season too:)

  9. My family recently went through a similar transition... Ahh life's changes... Such a beautiful thing.

  10. I have a feeling that I will feel and do the same thing when my parents move (eventually). I've never known another home and so I understand completely! Memories last forever though, especially when you journal them...blogs help too! :)