Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sparkle sucker

Like many of you, this time of year makes me 
crave glittery, girly things. I firmly believe that a
resemblance to a disco ball is nothing to be ashamed of.
Last year I wore a sequined mini to a big NYE party and 
a few ladies sat in the corner making snarky comments about me,
the "bouncing disco ball."  I just smiled wide and said, "thanks, girls!"
If you're gonna sparkle, you have to own it, right?

How do you feel about seasonal sparkles?
Do you have something fantastic and glitzy
planned out for New Year's Eve?


  1. i plan to sit at home on my a**. sexy.

  2. I didn't... but now I think I'll go out and buy a sequined dress and shine like a discoball :)

  3. Oh my so pretty! I love that dress(?) she's wearing in the first photo... and the clutch. So pretty. I'm definitely PRO seasonal sparkles :)

  4. god, this reaffirms my love for sparkles and sequins. hallelujah!

  5. GAH! i need more sparkle in my life.

  6. well, besides owning a disco ball last year i found a grey (sparkly) sweater in a thrift shop. the bf asked when i would wear it and i said all the time. and i did. and if we are disco balls great i looove disco balls :)
    and i am currently in glitter attack mood, nothing's safe :D