Monday, August 20, 2012

the story of lola

Lola. Boss. the Mouse.
Favorite activities include:
car rides
barking at the TV/mailman/canine community
If you've been following Milk for a while, you've inevitably 
seen her fuzzy face several times. I thought it was time to share her story.
Lola was captured running around on a freeway in Lodi, California.
She had mange covering most of her body with hardly any fur left.
Her nails had grown out so long that they actually punctured her paws
and had to be surgically cut. It was evident to the shelter that she had been
neglected, physically abused and needed several months of therapy 
to prepare her for life in a loving home.

I found Lola thought, a fantastic service for
 finding pets at local shelters. I had scoured the site for months, 
never quite finding the perfect little buddy. I found Lola's profile eventually, 
and there was just something about that little messed up face of hers. 
I filled out the application and a week later I was 
contacted by her foster home. I drove down to see her, not sure if she 
would turn out to be a good fit. But when I walked up to their house, 
Lola was so adorable, barking at me from their front yard. 
I thought, "yep. She's mine."
The whole drive home she laid in my lap, although I could
tell she was still terrified. She would flinch and cower every time I moved
and it broke my heart to pieces. I decided right then and there 
that my only purpose in her doggy life was to make her as happy 
as possible. We went home, cuddled up in bed and I fed her a few 
french fries while watching Sex and the City. I quickly discovered french fries 
are the ultimate way to win this gal's affection... and yes, she actually
watches Sex and the City.
It took a few months for the antibiotics to clear up her medical issues 
and her fur to grow back completely. It was nearly a year before she stopped flinching 
constantly, and now 8 years later, she's the happiest little pup around. She still has her issues 
and sometimes gets frightened rather easily but overall she's a pretty tough little scamp.
I've never met a dog with so much character, and her funny face makes me 
laugh daily. She's a lover and few can resist her charms. Lola has been a little
 blessing in my life, and she's taught me an incredible lesson that 
sometimes we need to look past a few imperfections and 
seek out the beauty within.


  1. this made me cry.
    you are blessed to have her.
    and she's blessed to have you.


  2. What a sweet story. It is so nice of you to adopt a dog with issues and to try so hard to make her happy. I hope I can do the same someday!

  3. lola is a lucky pup and you are a lucky lady. pets are life changers, no?

  4. You just made my day with this pup love story. Thanks and give one big kiss from me to Lola :).


  5. This was one the best stories I've ever read. You're a fucking CHAMPION and Lola is a star.


  6. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments!

  7. Oh, Lola! I love happy adoption stories. We adopted our Frenchie from a last chance rescue in June, and we could not be happier. He has his own troubled past, but every time I see how much progress we've made with him it makes me feel like I'm making a difference in someone's life. Even if the someone is a 25 lb. dog.

  8. I love this story so much! And her name. I've been following your blog/instagram for awhile and her photos always make me happy. I love her little face! I'm a huge dog person and plan on finding a rescue/pup friend as soon as I find an apartment that will allow it. Your story makes me want this much, much, much sooner than later.

  9. Okay, I know I'm WAY late to this party but you know I love me some Lola. And even better to hear her story. How wonderful that you rescued her from such unhappiness. That's why I'm all about getting pets from foster care and shelters. This has added a super dose of happy to my day with a heaping scoop o' cutie pie! :)

  10. Lola rules! Now that's a dog ;)