Tuesday, October 2, 2012

inspiration + motivation

Lately I've been seeking out ways to make inspiration and creativity a daily habit. 
What are your favorite sources of inspiration? What (or who) acts as your muse? 
Do you make time for a creative outlet every day?


  1. what a beautiful photo! great choice.

    blogging always seems to inspire me... sunsets inspire me. new recipes inspire me. the cooking channel inspires me.

    I really don't think about making time to be creative - though that's something that quite a few people have asked me in the past. I know it's important and that inspiration doesn't always strike on its own... but I don't mind that sometimes I don't write anything clever for a month!

    what do you usually do to feel inspired?

  2. I must say I find inspiration every day in quite different things. Yes, sometimes I feel like a schizo ;)...


  3. this is beautiful, suzanne! i was just saying the other day (to myself) that since for now i work full time in a job that is less than a dream at the moment, i really need to do something at least once a day that i have control over, and makes me feel like i'm doing SOMETHING. and i agree with you, blogging helps me this way!


  4. thanks for sharing..

  5. thats the funny thing to me about being a professional creative (painter, illustrator, sculptor, whatever). i've stopped noticing what counts as the creative part of my day and what counts as just "work" or "business". there's something about having it all melded together that's really nice--everything kind of ends up playing some creative role.