Wednesday, November 7, 2012

free people november 2012

Have you perused the November Free People catalog yet?
I will always appreciate catalogs and lookbooks, but brands can sometimes
 miss the target with their styling. However, everything in this month's collection 
is absolute perfection and I secretly want to blow the rent 
just so I can fill my closet with pretty, sparkly winter attire.
Seems like a legit decision, right?

What are you craving for the holidays?
Is it too soon to make a wish list??


  1. The tops look amazing (especially the one in the middle), love it! And no, it's not too early for a wishlist.. At least I think so. :) x

  2. Free people is my favorite. I wish i could afford to shop their.

  3. oh wow, I love all the gold sparkles! my favourite is that sheer/beaded capelet thing.