Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nikon 135mm f/2D AF DC

for a friend's wedding recently, so we took it out for a practice run.
I noticed this alley behind my house had multi-colored changing
leaves and seemed to catch the light beautifully in the early evening.
We ventured out and I practiced my serious blogger face, which usually
looks more like my menacing knife enthusiast face.
Anyway, the resulting images are pretty impressive in terms of lens 
quality vs photo aesthetics. Just enough blur in the background AND 
foreground, but great focus in the right areas. Unfortunately it's no longer
made but at least it's still available to rent. Have you ever rented a lens?
Good experience or bad?
{all photos by Jason Mackey. Not a sponsored post}


  1. I have never borrowed a lense but that seems like a good idea. Those shots are friggin gorgeous!


  2. awesome pictures and your outfit is just so adorable :)

  3. I like the idea of borrowing lenses. Love the photos and adore your skirt.

  4. Wow the results are simply AMAZING! i have never rented lens but i think it is a good idea before purchasing!

  5. I'm glad we took advantage of all the (pretty late) fall foliage that weekend; it's all gone now that winter finally caught up. I already miss that lens (sniff).

  6. you are so pretty and i love the skirt and shoes and the blazer as classic and then that hat is such a nice twist to this classic outfit.
    the photos are beautiful. i still operate with a nikon point and shoot:)