Tuesday, February 4, 2014

boris and sasha

My neighbor/bff Caitlin is a truly great person. i'm humbled by her goodness and often have "what would Caitlin do" moments in stressful situations, and this usually diffuses my temper. she's a kind and giving soul with a soft spot for animals, and last year started caring for two twin feral kittens who lived in a vacant field near our neighborhood. they started out completely wild, skinny, terrified of humans, and very, very feisty. After a few months of love and nurturing, these wild things softened up and became more brave around people. Now they live with Caitlin and they're basically obsessed with her. They follow her everywhere. Meowing. Pouncing. Doing cat things. She can't even come over for a cup of tea without one of them staring at her through the window like a crazed stalker. Geez, cats. Calm down, would you? Anyway, I love a good rescue story and wanted to introduce these two misfits, Boris and Sasha. Besides, what's more adorable than matching cats?
"I will stab you." - Boris


  1. It's always so heartwarming to read such stories. And S&B are absolutely gorgeous!


  2. I just love what you wrote about Caitlin... to meet her and know her..gosh, you just cant but fall in love with her... everything about her. I always feel like the luckiest person to know her, to be blessed with that kind of friendship

  3. too sweet! I rescued a litter of feral kittens a couple years ago, only managed to find a home for one of them after a couple months of domesticating them. the other two live with my mom because we couldn't bare to let them go :)

    1. That's wonderful! It takes a special soul to take on a litter of wild kittens. Good for you :)