Thursday, November 20, 2008

mini round up

there are a few things catching my eye this week...

my spirits are up, up and away after taking a gander at these balloons over at you are my fave.

i love marta's collage corner. from m.writes (this woman has made the cutest baby boy ever!)

i feel like i owe it to my future kids to build an optional slide in my future home, all in the name of fun.
Found on Marvelous Kiddo.

like i said, it's just a mini round up! yee haw!


  1. oh my, what a sweet shout out. thank you. lovely blog and i adore your header too. we could be very good friends, you n' me. you made my day. merci.

  2. when i was a kid one of my friends had a slide like that at her house. actually i don't think it was made for sliding, but it was definitely used for it! it didnt have that edge towards the stairs so sometimes you would slide unto the steps! ouch!