Wednesday, November 26, 2008

one more day!

i can't wait for tomorrow. thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year. i love spending time cooking with my mom and taking a day to show gratitude. it's just such a lovely notion.
some things i'm grateful for...

1. the sartorialist. this man has opened my eyes to a world full of fashionistas and i'm ever so thankful. i especially love this picture accompanied by a sweet little blurb about a woman and her beautiful hair...

(pictures from the sartorialist)

2. i'm thankful for love, the ability to give it and the ability to receive it.

(from teen vogue, found on unruly things)

(photo by i.anton, via you are my fave)

3. i'm thankful for the quirky things in life...

Cozy Kate Spade gloves, gleefully discovered on a cup of Jo.

Cozy pup via Vain & Vapid.

4. i'm grateful that i have a lovely home that i get to obsess over...

pomegranate salt & pepper shakers for my dining room table.
found on layers of meaning & little monsters.

super creative head board for my cozy bed perhaps?
found on {this is glamorous}

5. i have the utmost gratitude for all the beautiful things that present themselves everyday...

(via simple lovely)

light parade found on the free people blog.

fetching fence found on delicate creature.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. whether you're spending time with family or eating take out solo, it's all about gratitude...

(checklist also found on delicate creature)

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