Friday, February 25, 2011

what my heart desires...

{photo from Miss Moss}
Paul Smith's entire A/W 2011 line:  I know everyone and their sister has blogged about this line but the casual menswear thing is really floating my boat and I've been trying to incorporate a little more mister in with each outfit this week.  Today I'm even wearing a thrifted grey sport jacket that made everyone ask if it belongs to my husband.  Viva androgyny!

{photo from design crush}
Etched Wine Decanters from Olivia and Coco: These remind me of my grandparents, who always had the coolest wine decanters from Italy.  My only concern about owning a really sweet wine decanter is the fact that I would inevitably end up drinking way more wine... hmm, maybe that doesn't sound so bad after all.

{photo from knight cat}
California Rodarte/Opening Ceremony sweater:  I'm a total Californiaphile (hey, let's try and make that a real word, shall we?)  If I ever move away from this great state it will be a sad day for me, because I really love living here.  This sweater is so cool and looks amazingly cozy.  I'm not one for spending nearly $400 on a sweater, otherwise this baby would be mine.

Teen Vogue's Jane Keltner de Valle's shoe closet:  I'm definitely one of those shoe obsessed girls and looking at a shoe closet like this makes me gasp as my hand flutters to my heart... just to make sure it's still beating.  My shoes still sit at the bottom of my closet, requiring the occasional dusting, and I know they deserve so much better.  (This is where my mom would say, "there are starving children in the world and you feel bad for your shoes?!)

{photo from design*sponge}
Christina Weber's San Francisco kitchen: I've been wanting to add a pots and pan rack over my oven for a while now; it just seems so convenient to reach up and have your cooking ware readily available. Very classic and pleasing to the eye.  Husby, if you're reading this, take it as a huge hint!


  1. ah, lovely ideas... and very cute oven corner!

  2. Love the photos--that oven shot is adorable (and you reminded me that I want to hang my pots and pans over the stove too!). That California sweater put a smile on my face bec I love this state although not enough to drop that much to wear its name on my back. I'd rather spend that money on shoes.

  3. love THOSE decanters!


  4. I'm totally feeling the menswear-inspired look. And that kitchen is adorable.

  5. I love the menswear look. It has this very timeless look, and I have a feeling that because it's completely covered up, both my father and my boyfriend will approve! :P

    I love that kitchen. I live in SF as well, and have yet to cook in a kitchen that inspires me. Thanks for posting them!

  6. THAT shoe-shelf. I need it in my life. Absolutely. And I'm in love with those looks from Paul Smith. Thanks for sharing.