Monday, February 28, 2011

blue eyed baby + some rambling about the oscars

{photo found on skull swap}

I watched the Oscars last night with my mom while we snacked on greasy Chinese food and jelly beans (so glamorous!)  We were a little bored by the hosts, despite me being infatuated with Franco and my mom harboring a deep and profound love for Hathaway.  I loved the majority of the dresses, especially Amy Adams' sapphire sparkley L'Wren Scott gown and Halle Berry's dreamy champagne Marchesa dress.  It's actually kind of interesting to watch the red carpet live and then view the dresses in photographs the next day; so many women looked incredible and stunning live, but the photos seem to fall short somehow.  For example, Jennifer Hudsen's tangerine Versace dress was nothing short of amazing and the one of the most flattering things I've ever seen on her, but the photos just look like Tang exploded everywhere.  {Side note: Jennifer Hudson has the most ethereal and beautiful skin! Seriously, it's enviable to say the least.}

So did you watch the Oscars last night? What was your favorite dress?  Did you agree with the results?
{so many questions!}


  1. YES I agree with you about Amy Adams, she was def my fave dress of the night. I posted about it earlier today too lol... also i loved Jennifer's dress too (she is looking amazing!!) but did not like what it did for the cleavage. they looked like limp little cutlets and were asymmetrical, not good. the weight loss hasn't helped her in that area, i noticed she was a little limp and jiggly at another awards show too... possible the grammy's tho i don't remember. but other than that she looked incredible and the color was great on her!

  2. I too loved Hathaway's dresses, so gorgeous! And I agree with you, they look so lovely live, but flat in photographs. It's hard to pick a fav of the night... I loved Sandra Bullock's and Keira Knightly looked so gorgeous!

  3. Oh I adored HB's dress.. but then again I am a little biased!
    I also adored Cate Blanchett's. but then again I'm obsessed with her!
    xx tash

  4. I thought Jennifer Hudson's dress was one of the best, actually and did not get the credit it deserved. She looked stunning!

  5. I was a little bored by the hosts as well... but the red carpet was as inspiring as ever.

  6. I'd love to make a more intelligent sounding comment... But all I can think is: "Holy effing cow, that's one cute pup." Sorry.

  7. i thought the oscars were a snooze this year. my favorite dress was actually worn my mila kunis (purply lace) jellybeans and chinese food = classy and AWESOME! xo

  8. The picture make me laugh so much! it's impossible cute never mind the Oscars!!!!