Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one of each please

{photos from Neon Please}
What my life is missing is one (or three) of these satchels from Dr. Martens.  My mind is running wild with ideas of what exactly to put in the little window, too.  A photo? A drawing? A note? A tag saying 'if found, please return to owner, as she is undoubtedly crying right now over the loss of this amazing bag'?

What do you think? Are you lusting after any particular bag for this spring?


  1. yowza!! that green one makes me weak in the knees!

  2. cute! i love this style. so classic. my inner prepster will never die. i was talking to nice-mr-coffee-shop-guy today and he's like, "oh my wife/your show/your blog blah blah" and i'm like, "oh who's your wife" and he's like, "milk!"

    YAY! blog buddy banter at its finest.


    p.s. his name is Mark, right?


  3. oh goodness, i can't choose either.

  4. The green one is really catching my eye.

    I'm more inclined to lust after a new handbag in the fall. I like the clothes better, and I feel that there is no season quite like the autumn season for purging and renewing one's wardrobe (and one's life, while we're at it).

  5. oooh, i love this! thank you for sharing!