Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Countdown to 2012: Resolution #1

Hello blog friends! I'm writing to you from lovely
upstate New York, where the mister and I are celebrating the holidays
with my in-laws. I hope you all had a wonderful 
this weekend!

Every year, ever since I was little I've written out
resolutions for the new year. I don't always follow through
with all of them, but I love the idea of starting fresh, turning over new
leaves, and working on bettering ourselves. So I thought this year I'd
share a few with you throughout the week.

Resolution #1: Eliminate the word 'hate' from my vocabulary.
I throw around this word way too much. I only want to perpetuate love and
acceptance, and saying I hate this and that doesn't accomplish anything.
My hope is that by not putting the word out there, the feeling itself will
soon evaporate in to oblivion. Who's with me?


  1. yes! i am all for positive rephrasing. so with you on that one on lots of levels. happy new year, lady!

  2. That's a very positive resolution! ♥ Mine are mainly about sorting out my spending . . . do I really need more blusher? Hehe~
    Have a great start to the new year!
    Issy xx

  3. I was saying this a few weeks ago!!!! So much of it going around social media. People criticizing everything from beliefs to your choice of music! Really? No need for that word in our vocabulary ever!!! I'm with you!!!

  4. def a good resolution. think positive!