Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to 2012: Resolution #2

Why is it so difficult to blog on vacation?
I'm already behind on my resolutions, 
so I'll have to double up over the next few days.

Resolution #2: Show my loved ones how much I love them.
This might sound like a simple task, but it's so easy to 
take our family and friends for granted. I tend to shy away from 
showing emotion or conveying affection, 
but in 2012 I want to change that for good.
I want to do nice things for people, I want my actions
to speak louder than my words, and more than anything, 
I want my nearest and dearest to feel appreciated and loved.

What do you think about this resolution?
I'd love to hear some of your goals for 2012,
if you'd like to share.


  1. this is a really great one! it's something i plan on doing too, not really that verbose so i think letting my actions speak louder than words is important. :)

  2. i think that is a very do-able resolution! it is good to make a conscious decision to do something that comes naturally. good luck!!


  3. Need to do this more too :)

    Satin&Souffles xx

  4. my track record with resolutions hasn't always been the best...not sure if i'm going to make one this year or not.

  5. I made the same personal goal 2 months ago. You can never go wrong by being more loving. I hope we can both surprise ourselves :)