Friday, June 28, 2013

ruby love

Kids. They're little bandits. They're sneaky, and you'll never see it coming
but eventually they run off with your heart. Not cool, kids. Not cool!
But who on earth could resist a charmer in purple bunny ears? 
I mean, honestly. Ruby Love is an angel and babysitting her for a day 
last month was a breeze. Nothing but Curious George, pool time and 
hilarious commentary from our future president here. Can I just
start a new career filling in for my friend's absent nannies? 


  1. Aaaah, kiddos, I love them. Charming little creatures!


  2. You should make one of your own. Highly recommended ;)

  3. I know some people who'd LOVE a professional babysitter. Do it!

  4. Dang girl. You're one talented photographer. And I must say, I love your way with words, as snarky as you are... ;)
    Great shots. Great sentiments. Great blog. <3