Monday, July 1, 2013

june (iphone) photo diary

June was hectic. Good and bad. Two of my best friends are moving far away in a few days, 
and preparing to say goodbye has been tough. Luckily we made the most of 
our remaining time together here, and while I didn't have my camera with me 
very much, I still managed to document life on my phone. Here's a bit of June:
 First rule of never growing up: use eyeliner to draw inappropriate things 
on the first person to fall asleep at a party. Then take photos as proof/trophies.
My friend's husband, while 100% sober, fell asleep on the floor.
Hilarity ensued.
A friend of mine got married on a day that
broke the record for the high temperature in Chico. It was HOT! We stayed cool
with cute little fans and lots of champagne laced with gummy bears.
We stayed even cooler by stealing stranger's glasses and posing in them.
Oh wait, that's not cool at all. Never mind.
I took my lovely friend Brooke as my date. Being silly
and dancing with a great friend makes weddings even more
fun. Later that night her new kitten Coconut tried to get
fresh with me....
There were lots of hikes...
and lots of time with my Jenneykins 
(the one who's moving in a few days.)
And then there was Father's Day. My dad, taking full advantage
being the one in charge, decided we were all going to IHOP for
breakfast. He was all excited about some sort of stuffed pancakes
and you can't say no to a man on a mission for pancakes. You just can't.
June, you passed by too quickly as usual.


  1. you are sooooo cute. it is sooooo hot. ima call u so we can hang out.

  2. Dude. You should be IN FRONT of the camera more. How are you SO FREAKING GORGEOUS?? Dang. Makin' me wanna break my celibacy early. ;)